Home decor of amazing bedroom

Today we'll create a little review about one wonderful bedroom.

Look at this beautiful place: A carpet on the floor has a good appropriate color. There is a decorative plant on the wonderful night table. Pillows have a different shapes and the same color as curtains.

Home decor of amazing bedroom

Here we have other angle of this bedroom: great dark blue curtains, wonderful lamps which resemble candlesticks, two interesting pictures on the walls. Amazing decor.

Bedroom great dark blue curtains

We see another part of this room. Everywhere there are lovely lamps on the walls. Nice view.

Room everywhere there are lovely lamps on the walls

The room has amazing chandelier on the ceiling, just look at it shape. In the distance you can see a small white table on which an interesting lamp with shape of a star stands. It has a dark blue color too. Wonderful bedroom decor.

Wonderful bedroom decor